Act of Aggression - the new RTS from Eugen Systems - will release on September 2!


15% off + Multiplayer Beta access for all the pre-orders (hostilities will begin around mid-July)

Act of Aggression today opens its pre-orders on Steam. Players who pre-order the game will enjoy 15% off, and access to the multiplayer Beta planned for mid-July. That will be the perfect opportunity for virtual commanders to start mastering the 3 factions and the core mechanics of the game a few weeks before the title releases. Players will be able to share their experience with the teams at Eugen Systems for the ultimate balancing! The Beta will be updated with new content throughout summer.

To celebrate the launch of the pre-order phase, we’re happy to unveil the game’s Summer Trailer that will fly you over the battlefields of Act of Aggression. Watch as the Cartel, Chimera and US Army deploy their bases and their best combat units, before they get ready for an explosive final fight.